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sometimes it's like I'm just passing through life with nothing to do. or maybe it's life passing me by. there are so many things I want to do but I feel like I'll never have the courage to do anything. I want more freedom but I still don't want to be away from my boy. just a life.
I feel like I can't write these days but I keep looking at my old poems and it's strange to see how little has changed about my feelings since I was about 17...luckily my thoughts have changed, I wouldn't be here if they hadn't.

Looking in the mirror

Forgive me for
the words I never say.
Forgive me for
the life I can't give you.
Your sadness tears me apart
but I can't help.
I try to smile and
lighten you up,
but it won't work
while life turns you down.
Sorrow fills your heart
and you can't fake it.
You hide behind green eyes
but I can see it.
You smile every day
but your tears could
fill up the ocean.
You cry every night
until you give up the fight,
and surrender.
Forgive me for the life
you'll never have.

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