How can I delete my account? Use the button below to delete or disable your account.


How can I change my password? To change your email address go to Settings and then Account Settings.

How can I change my email address? To change your email address go to Settings and then Account Settings.

How do I verify my profile? Verifying proves to members that you are the person in your pictures. Click the button below for details on verifying.

How can I change my referral code?

How can I add music to my profile? Music is currently unavailable at this time. The service we supported shut down and we have not provided support for an alternative yet.

You can add YouTube music videos
How can I stop getting poked? You can turn off pokes by editing your profile privacy. This is located by going to Settings and then Profile Privacy.

How can I use a cover image on my profile?

How can I create a profile theme?

How can I customize my profile?

How can I customize my profile link?

I'm not getting many views or messages, what can I do?
There several things that can result in this problem.

Do you have a profile picture, which shows your face? If you don't have a profile picture you won't get many profile views. If your profile picture is of something other than yourself that'll also cut down on profile views.

Are you on here frequently? If you login once per day or once every few days you won't receive very many profile views or messages. Most members find new people from either "Feature Me" at the top of certain pages, or "Meet People". If you're not online you'll be harder to find in "Meet People". So stay active on the site!

Stay active on the site as mentioned above. This is very important for gaining profile views and messages.

Go into the chat rooms and chat. This generally results in a quick boost in profile views and friend requests.

Send members private messages. While you can include a message with friend requests, sending a private message is far better and will increase your chances of getting a reply. Mention something that caught your attention about the member or something they wrote on their profile.

Comment on members status updates. This is a great way of making new friends. You can view status updates by clicking "Activity Stream" from the left navigation menu. Use the "Filter" at the top to view everyone's updates.

Why does it show the wrong town for my zip code?
If you're in the United States and the zip code you provided shows the wrong town this may happen for multiple reasons:

1. More than one town shares the same zip code.

2. You may have the wrong zip code entered. Edit your profile to verify.

3. We may have the wrong town in our database. Please let us know by posting the Help group.

Why is my Zocialized account not found?

How do I increase my level?
You earn Points which increase your level by using features of the site. Below is a breakdown of how you can currently earn them:
The way to earn Points :
Action Points
New forum post: 1 Points
Successful invitation: 100 Points
New friend: 10 Points
New image uploaded: 10 Points
New video uploaded: 10 Points
10 minutes online: 5 Points