Frequently Asked Questions

How can members get verified?

Members can get verified using any of our three in-depth verification tools. We are proud to be the only dating platform that has such a powerful verification system for all our members to enjoy and take advantage of. With us, scammers, bots, catfish, and fakes are a thing of the past.

ID Verification
The member can be verified with a clear photo of them holding their Valid ID or passport next to their face. For user privacy, this photo is not hosted on our servers and only reviewed by moderators.


Photo Verification
The member can be verified with a clear photo of them holding a piece of paper with the website name + their username on it by their face.


Video Verification
The member can be verified with a short 5 to 30 second video of them introducing themselves, waving hello, and saying "Message me on Zocialized dot net.



N:B Verified Members have a Blue Tick verifiedbadge1.pngNext to their profile picture


My Payment Won't Process, how do I pay?

First, make sure all credit card or debit card information such as card number, expiration date, CVV, and billing address are correct and try again. If this did not work, please wait 15 minutes and try your payment again. This removes any chance of your payment being blocked due to a security measure preventing accidental payments. If it still did not work, you may contact your bank and request they allow the next attempt to go through, try another card that allows international payments, or try another bank. If after all this, you're still not successful, contact support and we'll process your credit/debit card payment for you using other payments methods.


What are the Subscription Options?

Zocialized offers recurring memberships that renew at different intervals. You may subscribe to a monthly, two month, or three month recurring membership. So for example, you subscribe to a three month membership right now, your debit/credit card will be charged today and exactly 3 months later every 3 months until/if you ever decide to cancel.

We do not recommend fans of the platform cancel their subscription as prices may rise in the future for new subscribers.


Can I subscribe discreetly?

Yes you can! You can pay for your subscription using Bitcoin or mail. Due to the extra work involved in processing these orders, we require subscriptions be equal to a minimum of 1 year or longer. Once your subscription expires, you will have to make a payment again to resubscribe using your preferred payment method.

To pay with Bitcoin, simply select the option in the "Payment By" drop down menu and complete the payment when "One Year Membership" is checked. You'll notice that the subscription options have increased in price to equal the cost of a 1 year subscription. This can be updated even further to two and three years.

To pay by mail, please send the payment to the address below and include your account name exactly as you created it along with your preferred subscription package. Once we receive your payment, your account will be officially subscribed within 1 to 12 hours. If the amount required for your subscription package is not sent, your subscription will stay pending until the remainder is sent.

Note: Subscriptions by mail are not currently available, please check back at a later date.

How can I modify my subscription?

To subscribe, modify, upgrade, or cancel your subscription, please visit your Subscription control panel under your profile menu. Here you'll easily be able to pay for your preferred subscription package, resubscribe, upgrade to Elite Generous Membership, and cancel your subscription entirely.


What are the benefits of being an Elite Member?

As an Elite member, you will receive many privileges including always being at the top of all Zocialized lists and searches. Elite members have their profiles honored with the "Elite & Generous" label and are recommended to Members on their Dashboard every time they login or visit their account. Overall, being an elite member shows Zocialized Members your are the real deal. It is only appropriate you add the Elite Generous Member option to your subscription.

If you did not initially add the Elite Generous Membership when subscribing to Zocialized, you can always upgrade your account to include it on your Subscription control panel page.


Can I pause my subscription?

No, at the moment there is no way to pause your subscription to Zocialized. If you must take a break, you can easily cancel your subscription by heading to your profile menu and clicking the Subscription link. On this page you can cancel, resubscribe, and upgrade your subscription package at anytime. Please note disputing a charge because you forgot to cancel your subscription for the next month will have you banned from the platform permanently. Banks have a tough time dealing with disputes and we value our relationship with our bank so we will always fight and win 100% of all disputes.


What happens when my subscription expires?

Your account reverts back to its default state and you will not be able to view your conversations until you resubscribe. No data is ever lost unless you decide to close your account for good so rest easy knowing you can resubscribe at anytime using the account with an expired subscription and still retain all your data.


What is not allowed in my profile?

- No requests for sex or illegal activities
- No links, duplicate or copyrighted content
- No monetary amounts of any kind
- No commercial or promotional content
- Photos must be PG, no sexually explicit content
- Photos must not include children or minors

All Zocialized Members will be happy knowing that their profiles are 100% private. Whether logged in or not, no one but our verified Members will be able to view your profile. If you have any account questions please let us know by contacting support.


Why Was I Suspended?

Your account may have been suspended due to suspicious activities. Being suspended means your profile still exists and its information and photos are saved but your account is completely disabled and hidden. Messages may still be sent to your account but cannot be accessed unless the suspension is reviewed and lifted by our support team. Reasons for suspension may include:

- Sexually explicit or vulgar language
- Sexually explicit content in your photos/bios
- Abusive conduct or abusive language
- Multiple reports by members about your profile
- Promoting/advertising a business

We have a zero tolerance policy for anything listed below so a second chance in the event you break any of the following terms is completely out the window.

- Using our platform to promote, solicit, or engage in prostitution
- Scamming individuals for money
- soliciting passwords and other identifying info for unlawful purposes
- Creating a Zocialized profile under the age of 18
- Absolutely anything involving people under the age of 18
- You have disputed a payment that appears as on your credit card statement

We reserve the right to suspend accounts for any reason we deem appropriate.

Can I Send Virtual Gifts?

We know Members like to be spoiled so we've added a gift feature inside your conversations and the Member's profile. You can send a gift anytime you come across a great profile or chat with a nice Girl/Guy on the platform.


What is your refund policy?

We have a strict no refund policy. We believe our platform is very clear and honest about what it offers so we will not entertain any refund requests. Recurring subscriptions can easily be canceled from your account at anytime and you will no longer be billed for any further payments. We don't recommend fans of the platform cancel their subscription as our prices may rise to new subscribers later on.


What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us and our reputation as a trustworthy platform. Members information and identity is not shared in anyway or with anyone and nobody but the Members themselves can view their profiles. We have absolutely no interest in doing anything with your private information but keep it secure.


What is a Date Scheduler?

Members can use the Date Scheduler tool to remind their dates of small details such as the restaurant and time before their date. Think of it like a reminder note in your calendar. Both Male/Female Members will receive a date event in their conversation and an email with the date reminder details. This feature is of course only for convenience and fun.


What is a Date Proposal?

On every profile and in every conversation with a Member you will see an option that allows you to propose a date. Using this feature, you can truly impress Members with exciting, luxurious, and creative first dates. When a Member approves your proposal, you will receive a green proposal event which you can use to schedule the date or simply continue chatting and planning the date within your messages.


How can I change my password? To change your email address go to Settings and then Account Settings.

How can I change my email address? To change your email address go to Settings and then Account Settings.


How can I stop getting poked?  

You can turn off pokes by editing your profile privacy.  This is located by going to Settings and then Profile Privacy.

How do I hide my profile?  

To hide your profile, you will just need to navigate to your profile settings and toggle off the "Discoverable Profile" option and it will be as if your profile doesn't even currently exist anywhere except to the members you are currently messaging with.

My emails are showing up as spam?  

Occasionally, some email providers may decide to mark your email notifications as spam. In the event your email notifications are being sent to your spam/junk folder, please add the sending email address to your contact list and mark the emails as "Not Spam" whenever your receive them. While adding our email address to your contact/white list will most likely do the trick, marking our emails as "not spam" will help avoid this from happening to you and other users in the future.

How do I block users?  

You can easily block a user within your conversation by clicking the "Ignore" button and you will never hear from them again. If enough users block or report an inappropriate user or spammer, we will quickly suspend their account to evaluate the situation. In the odd event the user creates another account and continues to bother others, we will do our best to take advanced measures to get rid of them.

How do I delete my account?

If you really have to, you can delete your account by entering your profile or account settings and scrolling to the password panel. Under it you will see the "Delete Account" button. Click this button and confirm your password to permanently delete your account. You'll have to create a new account and subscribe to your preferred membership all over again if you'd like to return to Zocialized once you decide to delete your account. If you'd like to simply hide your profile from all Members searches, please head to your settings and toggle off the "Discoverable Profile" option and it will be as if your profile doesn't even currently exist.

Note: By permanently deleting your account, you understand you will lose any unused time left on your subscription. Zocialized clearly states we do not provide refunds on any subscriptions packages.

I forgot my password?  

To reset your password, please head to our login page and click "Forgot Password". Enter the email attached to your account and submit the form. You will within 15 to 30 seconds receive an email notification to update your password. If you do not quickly see a password reset email, please check your spam/junk folder as occasionally, email providers may mark our emails as spam. You can help fight this by marking the email as "Not Spam" and adding our email address to your contact list.

I'm getting an error, what should i do?

Please use our contact form to send a detailed description of the issue you're having. Include the make and model of the device you're using to access the site, the Internet browser, which operating system (Windows, Mac, linux, iPhone, Android, etc.), and maybe a screenshot of the issue. If we can replicate your issue, we'll make it a top priority

to fix it asap.

I'm not getting many views or messages, what can I do?


There several things that can result in this problem. 

  • Do you have a profile picture, which shows your face? If you don't have a profile picture you won't get many profile views. If your profile picture is of something other than yourself that'll also cut down on profile views.

  • Are you on here frequently? If you login once per day or once every few days you won't receive very many profile views or messages. Most members find new people from either "Feature Me" at the top of certain pages, or "Meet People". If you're not online you'll be harder to find in "Meet People". So stay active on the site!


  • Stay active on the site as mentioned above. This is very important for gaining profile views and messages.

  • Go into the chat rooms and chat. This generally results in a quick boost in profile views and friend requests.

  • Send members private messages. While you can include a message with friend requests, sending a private message is far better and will increase your chances of getting a reply. Mention something that caught your attention about the member or something they wrote on their profile.

  • Comment on members status updates. This is a great way of making new friends. You can view status updates by clicking "Activity Stream" from the left navigation menu. Use the "Filter" at the top to view everyone's updates.

Why does it show the wrong town for my zip code?

 If you're in the United States and the zip code you provided shows the wrong town this may happen for multiple reasons: 

1. More than one town shares the same zip code. 

2. You may have the wrong zip code entered. Edit your profile to verify. 

3. We may have the wrong town in our database. Please let us know by posting in the Help group forum.

How do I increase my level? 

You earn Points which increase your level by using features of the site. Below is a breakdown of how you can currently earn them:

The way to earn Points :

New forum post: 10 Points
Successful invitation: 100 Points
New friend: 10 Points
New image uploaded: 10 Points
New video uploaded: 10 Points
10 minutes online: 5 Points

My Rank Has gone down one level?

When you buy gifts using points. It affects your ranking and the more gifts you buy for your friends the less points you will have hence affecting you Ranking. Being active on the site will help reaccumilate the points lost/Rank. See post above on ways to earn points

My question isn't here?

Send us an email using our contact form or use our live chat feature and we'll answer all your questions in a timely manner.