How can I delete my account? Use the button below to delete or disable your account. 

How can I change my password? To change your email address go to Settings and then Account Settings.

How can I change my email address? 


How do I verify my profile?


How can I change my referral code?


How can I add music to my profile? Music is currently unavailable at this time.  The service we supported shut down and we have not provided support for an alternative yet. 

You can add YouTube music videos

How can I stop getting poked?


How can I use a cover image on my profile?


How can I create a profile theme?


How can I customize my profile?


How can I customize my profile link?


I'm not getting many views or messages, what can I do?


Why does it show the wrong town for my zip code?


Why is my Zocialized account not found?


How do I increase my level? You earn Points which increase your level by using features of the site. Below is a breakdown of how you can currently earn them: