Invite Friends

Post Your Code...

Below are some tips for places to post your invitation link.

You don't have to refer friends, just post your code online. 

Social Networks

Post a status update about Zocialized with your referral code on other social networks,

such as Facebook, MeetMe, Tagged, and post it on Twitter.

Have a YouTube channel? Make a video about Zocialzed and add your referral link in the description.
News Comments

News posts are made every day about social networking sites and mobile applications.

Most let you leave comments, so do! Mention the site and include your referral code.

Chat Apps
Use chat apps or other social apps, like Skout? Tell people on there to join us!
Are you on That's a great place to get new members from.

Many forums let you create a signature which shows at the bottom of your forum posts.

Go to the forum sites you use and add a link to this site as your forum signature.

Leave your referral code in comments on blogs. Android, social networking, dating, etc. are the best.
Invite Friends
Invite your friends to Zocialized! Send them your code or link, do not create profiles for them.