Zocial Earn

How do I earn?

Earnings come from verified subscribers of any gender. Getting verified has tons of benefits and makes dating and connecting a simpler more honest journey. We encourage all users to do this.

Sign Ups 

$20 - USA and Canada
$15 - Europe
$10 - All Other Countries


 We pay 35% on all subscriptions for life. For as long as the member stays subscribed, you will continue to earn from their subscription.

How do I get paid out?  

We payout every Friday when earnings reach a minimum of $50. You can select the payment method within your affiliate account. Methods include PayPal, Square, Google Wallet, M-Pesa and Venmo. If these options aren't available to you, contact support and we will do our best to work with your specific situation. 

About my referral ID 

Your referral ID is unique to your account and can be used to track people visiting the site from your link. The ID can be added to the URL as follows: zocialized.net/?ref=Username

About custom links 

Custom links from your social media pages allow you to add referral links that when traffic is coming from them, will convert to earnings from sign ups and subscribers, no referral ID required. All links are reviewed for authenticity before being approved within 24 hours. 

Pending Vs. Total Earnings 

Pending means the earnings have yet to be paid out and Total means earnings that have been paid out. 


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About Referral Cookies 

Every user brought to the site from your referral ID and links is tracked by a permanent cookie with no expiration. The only way the user will be able to get rid of the cookie is to clear their browser's cookie data.